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Keith and JackieO.Kelley


We believe that we are all born in sin and shaped in iniquity. 


We believe no one comes to the Father but by Jesus Christ.


We believe that Christ shed His blood for the remission of our sins.


We believe you must be "Born Again" of the spirit.


We believe you must accept Jesus as your personal Savior and that unless you accept Jesus Christ you will not enter into the kingdom of heaven.


We believe there is a real burning hell and it's a broad pathway to hell and many are on that path.


We  believe in water baptism and the power of the Holy Ghost.


We believe we must pray and read every day to keep our hope of eternal life with Christ.


​We believe that we are living in the last days before Jesus comes back to earth.


We believe it is our commission from God to preach the word of salvation to all.


We believe in forgiveness and that we have to let go of anything that keeps us from the peace of God.


We believe in winning souls for Jesus Christ. We believe God is a loving and merciful but is also a God of wrath.


We believe marriage is between a man and woman.


We believe in walking uprightly before God.


We believe we have to fight the good fight of faith by putting on the whole amour of God every day.


We believe in seeking God through His word and prayer every day.


What Our Ministry Does !


"On a mission for missions"

Vision statement

We envision a world in which every person comes to know the joy, love and judgement of Jesus Christ

Mission Statement

God has assigned us to increase evangelism, missionary knowledge and servant leaders within churches and people groups both locally and internationally. To develop training grounds to reach the unreached areas that don’t know Christ.


Impact Statement

Our focus is to mobilize and enhance Christians everywhere to fulfill “The Great Commission” without hesitation, doubt, or fear. We Will Go and share the Gospel using information, Scriptures, music, visual and performing arts, connecting with people internationally speaking and performing at churches, events, and conferences to introduce and ignite evangelism, souls to the kingdom, missionary knowledge, hope, healing and leadership.

  1. Inspire church leadership to be intentional in our focus to reengage, reignite and prepare the next generation for global mission service.

  2. Promotes revival to motivate African American churches, pastors and leaders to inspire to global mission service interest.

  3. Build on the strength of the rich contributions historically made by African Americans in global missions

  4. Educate more African American churches on our rich history in global mission service.

  5. Continue the legacy of African Americans in global missions and pass the proverbial torch to the next generation.

  6. Understand congregants may have a conscious and or unconscious fear which prohibits people from answering the call for global mission service

How to Partner with us to fulfill this!

We commit our lives to be zealous to get this message out to everyone we can by connecting with people internationally, speaking and performing at churches, events, and conferences to introduce and ignite evangelism.

As you see even in your own life that very few Christians are doing anything about this So we asking that you partner with us to fulfill “The Great Commission” 

  1. Pray for our ministry to be fearless, bold and wise in bring this message everywhere. We have already started ministering to encourage christians to do this.

  2. Pray that others will join this movement to win souls and fulfill “The Great Commission”

  3. Go and support missions especially those that go into dangerous lost regions of the world that have never heard the Gospel.

  4. Support We Will Go Ministries/ACT INTL, financial needs are always present, we need a team of financial partners especially if you can’t go you can still be a part of building a ministry to support with the gospel the unreached and unengaged


Partner with our Ministry—We Will Go Ministries/ACT INTL

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